Separation Anxiety

by Kimachi

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Latest EP from Kimachi. Will be released on limited cassette on August 10th


released July 15, 2016

Vocals: Eric
Guitars: Chilo
Bass: John
Drums: James

Recorded by Charles Chaussinand and Robert Cheeseman
All lyrics by Eric
All songs produced by Charles Chaussinand
Hatespeech, Grip I and Grip II written by Kimachi and Charles Chaussinand
Intro written by Charles Chaussinand
Guest Vocals on Hatespeech by Cody Rico



all rights reserved


Wide Eyed Noise Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Intro
Consumed by overwhelming feeling
A wave of misplaced passion
An ocean of frustration
And I think I'm drowning
My hands tremble no matter how I clench my fist
Track Name: Fight For Air
It's hard to see what once bound you and me
The ties that bind are growing harder to find
And I can't follow you down this path
I'll do my best to smile on the time we spent
But I can't help thinking on what could have been
Noth if things were different, but if we never met

I wish we never met

It's not my place to ask you to change
I can't sit back and watch you die
I want to hate you for what you're doing
Picked up the pieces for the last time
So I'm walking away.

What could have been if we'd never met
Fight for air
Track Name: Hatespeech
Outdated ideology used as a soap box, spewing hate
You mask it in salvation, hide behind creation
You've got your hands in everything, corrupting the pure, then naming them damned
Your institution's one of ignorance so you prey on the fears of the ignorant

Use scare tactics to keep us down
Weakening, bending knees to the ground

Entitlement, arrogance
I can'tescape your message of hate
Looking down, you snub your nose
And punishment for all who oppose

I guess I can't understand how we came to this place
Seems no matter where I go I can't escape your message of hate
Centuries old intentions are firmly buried beneath
Rampant corruption and midieval beliefs

Influence like a shadow blocking out the Sun
But what makes you think you speak for everyone?

Influence cast like a shadow blocking out the Sun
You stand in way of progress and I can't wait
To watch the tide wash you away

Keep your hands out of other's lives
Keep your thoughts out of form and mind
You don't get to make that choice

No gods, no masters, no more
Track Name: Haunt
I struggle to simplify
Reach for a shred of yesterday
When it was all so easy
When the world was so small
Can I stay at the shore?
Gazing over a spakling sea...
Face turned to the breeze...
Only knowing peace...

But the days inch on
Like shadows at sunset
Stretching in the dim light
Pulling me away
Ground crumbles at my feet
Creates the fatal flaw
Over before it started
Not what I meant at all

I set sail from the shore I never thought I'd leave
Turned away from promises I always thought I'd keep
No Reconciliation, gave up thoughts of peace
'Cause what lies onthe other side was never meant for me

A Chasm I'm forced to cross, widening every day
And I can see the other side, even as it fades
Would I want to go back, knowing what I know
Or preserve divinity and just let it go?

And I'm afraid of what I'll find if I loook deeper
Introspection is the process of haunting yourself
Vexed by a world that I can't accept
Or can't accept me
Lost my way in this void
Will I let it defeat me?
Track Name: Grip I
Hits like a brick
And shatters everything, every aspect of this moment in pieces on the ground
The pain rises from the gut, boiling over into my lungs til I can't breathe, move or sit still
Paralyized, fixated on what I shouldn't dwell

But I can't panic
Sometimes I wish I could
I internalize, and I recognize that I'm heading for a break
But I'm so far removed, what am I breaking from?
Looking for an exit, finding there's no room
Track Name: Grip II
I hold the answer in a heavy hand
Weighed down by consequence
Knowing what I stand to lose, and what I stand to gain
Am I setting myself free, or am I locking myself in?

I'll try to make it better
Try to take the hurt away
But this pain is my pain
And What else is at stake?
Is it better to live hurt and afraid,
Or numb and cold?
I'm not sure I want to know